About Us

About Us

ICOZaar is an independently curated catalog of the most promising active and upcoming Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s). Our picks demonstrate real potential across their whitepapers, teams, roadmaps, responsiveness to inquiries and more.

ICOZaar is a mixture of reliable cryptocurrency tokens and ICO projects from which speculators & investors can wisely choose it. We always update our rundown list of cryptocurrency and tokens projects to stay up with the latest. We likewise help blockchain business looking to raise capital for different periods of their ventures to achieve cryptocurrency investors.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Research

ICOZaar is continuously engaging investors to occupy with research of the blockchain innovation and cryptocurrency industry to have our best foot forward in furnishing our groups of onlookers with the correct data that may guide their decision making. We are steady in-contact with key industry players to guarantee that data that we produce are to a bigger extent verified.

ICO Education

ICOZaar additionally gives cryptocurrency and ICO education to our group of onlookers by our ICO Education area. We make utilization of this segment to furnish our crowd with learning to better comprehend the usual way of doing things of the crypto-showcase with a noteworthy spotlight on how the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) industry works. This area clarifies the essentials of ICOs and eminent rules required to get in.

Our News Blog

ICOZaar keeps our group of onlookers up-to-speed with the most recent and most tangible data and information through our news blog. Articles and reviews are distributed routinely enveloping news, happenings, showcase measurements, analysis and publications about the cryptocurrency industry.


ICOZaar provides a wide-range of ICO and cryptocurrency services to individuals, organizations and institutions. We can be contacted for details and customized project needs.


We aim to be the most reliable point of reference for ICO and cryptocurrency projects. We believe we are an integral part of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology fabric and as such we will be on hand to provide decentralized, borderless and efficient service to players in the industry.


We have a dedicated round-the-clock team with years of experience in blockchain & cryptocurrency technology, global finance & currency trading, project management and entrepreneurship. Our unique talents come together to provide the industry with an unrivaled tokens platform for all.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse Premium ICOs. Premium listing is a promotion of a project. Premium listing does not affect the rating methodology and the score of the ICO. This is not financial advice. We do not ask you to invest in promoted projects. Do your own research before investing in promoted and regular ICOs.